Monday, October 17, 2011

You Should Be Watching "Gaming in the Clinton Years"

I don't know if I'm simply late to this party or if this series just got passed over when they were handing out memes, but Gaming in the Clinton Years is one of the single best game review shows I have ever seen... in that it is the single worst game review show I have ever seen.  The National Academy of Video Game Testers and Reviewers, or NAViGaTR for short, has collected and archived all these game reviewing segments from a late 90's public television gaming show called Flights of Fantasy.  These segments are hosted by a man named George Wood who was probably considered to old to be playing with games for the time.  His reviews were hands down the best bit of the show, as he often described each game with the fervor of a ten-year-old boy, but with the intonation of a 36-year-old man.  He also often tended to get off-topic with lame asides and bizarre jokes.  He also had a penchant for ragging on the graphics of a lot of games, often comparing them to the two shining pinnacles of computer graphics for the time, Toy Story, and The Mask.

The reviews are bizarre, and he often has the opposite opinion from what most gamers thinks today (he just doesn't "get" Goldeneye, for example).  Unfortunately, the page where all the episodes were cataloged about four years ago is no longer up, but NAViGaTR has them all up on their YouTube page, where it's definitely worth your time to sit down and watch a few.  Below, I've included what is arguably the best of his reviews and definitely the most indicative of the style in most of these things.  I don't know if this series was ever a big thing, but it definitely needs its time in the sun if it hasn't gotten it already.

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