Thursday, July 12, 2012

Random Thoughts After My First Day in Kyoto

So, I don't have any cool stories or anything to share yet, but I'll make up for that by noting some of my first thoughts upon arriving here, as I lay on my bed at 6 in the morning, waiting to go ahead and start getting ready for school.

  • Everything here is smaller than I expected it to be.  And not in a bad or strange way, its just all so very compact.  Big difference than the big buildings in Richmond which, comparatively, take up a lot of space.
  • We immediately began classes yesterday.  After a 14 hour flight and many struggles through customs, it was a bit overwhelming.  But I like it so far.  I'm learning, but I'm sure its very apparent that I am new to this language.  Very new.  Also, our teacher is awesome!  He's super friendly and really funny and really takes a hands on approach with us.  At times it feels like he might be going a little fast, but honestly, that just makes it easier to learn.  Now if only my brain would catch up from all that traveling.
  • Went to a 7-11 yesterday.  Totally not the same as American 7-11's.  For starters, no Slurpees (boo...) but its more like a restaurant/store than just a place to buy random crap like in the states.  Think kinda like Sheetz.  Just surprisingly a lot nicer.
  • It's been raining.  A lot.  It's supposed to stop in time for the Gion Matsuri festival coming up, but it still doesn't mean its not raining now.  Fortunately for me, this is my favorite kind of weather... and it's probably keeping it cooler than it really is right now too.  But it is still pretty hot right now too.
  • We met our host mom yesterday she's really nice and really helpful and friendly.  I feel a little awkward because there is a bit of a language gap right now, but I hope that in a few days, I can communicate most things with her without having to use as much English.  I'm still thinking too hard about some words and phrases and jumbling them up.  Ahh!  Plus, she's got another student here right now too, from Germany.  I tried to use my German skills, but my brain was still running a little slow at the moment.  I will probably try yelling at her in German again another time.   ...which sounds a lot worse than it really is.
So that's about the main gist of what I've been up to so far.  It's almost time to get started on my second day, and I'm ready to take it on by the horns!  Thanks a ton to everyone who's been supporting me and sending me well wishes up until the trip.  And those of you who threw little pro-tips my way, a lot of them are already coming in super handy.  Everyone here is super friendly and is ready to help!  It's gonna feel so weird when I go back to America where everybody hates everything all the time.

Aw shucks, now I'm getting all sentimental.

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